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The Americans with Disabilities Act:

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a federal law requiring Community Transit to provide paratransit service comparable to its regular fixed-route system for individuals who are certified as ADA paratransit eligible.

ADA paratransit eligibility is based on functional abilities rather than medical diagnoses. An individual will be certified as “ADA paratransit eligible" if there is any part of the fixed-route system the person cannot use or navigate because of a disability or condition. Some individuals may be eligible for paratransit service under very specific conditions, which apply on a trip-by-trip basis.

DART Eligibility Criteria:

Presence of a disability or a disabling health condition by itself does not automatically make you eligible. Your inability to use the regular bus system is the basis for eligibility. To qualify for DART paratransit service, you must meet one of the below conditions in the Americans with Disabilities Act:

  • Your disability or condition prevents you from getting on or off a regular bus.
  • Your disability or condition prevents you from getting to or from a fixed-route bus stop.
  • Your disability or condition prevents you from waiting at a fixed-route bus stop.
  • Your disability or condition prevents you from being able to ride a regular fixed-route bus or to understand and follow transit instructions.
  • A person must be six years or older to be eligible for DART service.

All DART customers have an eligibility end date and need to re-apply to maintain eligibility. The end date is clearly noted on their eligibility letter. All customers receive notification approximately 60 days in advance of the date they need to recertify. If you have any questions about eligibility, please call us at (425) 347-5912.

Application Process:

A DART application packet is available upon request by calling DART at 425-347-5912, or a PDF version of the application may be downloaded and printed. The application must be filled out with complete answers to each question. DART cannot process an incomplete application and will return it for completion.

DART will require verification by a medical professional or other person familiar with your condition. DART may also require a functional assessment, which is an in-person evaluation of your ability to use fixed-route buses.

An application is considered complete when DART has received all the information it needs to determine your eligibility. This may include a professional verification, a functional assessment and/or other information.

Once DART has all required information, your eligibility will be determined within 21 days and you will receive a letter notifying you of the determination. If you are not satisfied with the decision, you may appeal in writing within 60 days.

Only people whose applications have been processed and approved can ride DART.

Please be aware that DART will review your condition on a regular basis to determine continuing eligibility for ADA paratransit service.

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